Our Responsibilities Overview

Long term growth and profitability is enhanced when businesses behave in a sustainable and responsible manner, with respect for the environment and all their stakeholders, those who support the growth of the company as well as those who are critical to its success.

Our ethical principles have been in place since the formation of the Group and they underline the way we do business and inform our responsible business practices. Here we have used the FTSE Russell Environmental Social Governance (“ESG”) Model as a base for showcasing how this works in practice.

Our areas of responsibility


As a Group we recognise that our activities have an impact on the environment and incidents are reported each year in this report as part of the Group’s Key Performance Indicators.


Our stakeholders are our employees, our investors, our customers, our suppliers, our advisors and the communities in which we operate.

Corporate Governance

The Board has adopted the revised QCA Code for Corporate Governance, updated in April 2018.

Ethical Principles

Pressure Technologies plc is proud of its reputation for being honest and fair in the way it does business. This reputation has been hard won over many years and would be easily lost if all employees do not hold to our ethical principles.