Our Business Overview

Our businesses work in close collaboration with our customers who require unique engineering solutions for their products used in harsh operating environments.

We capitalise on our unrivalled 120 years of engineering heritage, by hiring and developing highly skilled craftsmen and design engineers who have the creativity and ingenuity required to solve complex design and manufacturing challenges. This differentiates us from our competitors and we are committed to continuously investing in our people and technologies to keep us at the forefront of engineering excellence.

Our businesses


Operating for over a century, Chesterfield Special Cylinders designs and manufactures high-pressure gas containment systems and provides through-life integrity management services

for safety-critical applications in defence, oil and gas, industrial and hydrogen energy markets.

Precision Machined Components

The Precision Machined Components division comprises the Roota Engineering, Quadscot Precision Engineering, Al-Met and Martract brands,

with world-class lead times, highly specialised precision engineering skills and a blue chip customer base in the global oil and gas market.

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