Oil and Gas

Group revenue from the oil and gas market was 39% in 2018. This market is primary served by businesses in our Precision Machined Components Division but also by our Cylinders Division.

The market environment

The sustained low oil price environment of recent years has advanced technical innovation in the oil service industry and reduced the cost of oil exploration and production. An era of collaboration between the oil service majors and component manufacturers now exists to produce parts more efficiently, on a ‘cost-out’ basis, without compromising integrity and often improving it.

Market potential

The precision machining businesses in the Group are leaders in their markets, supplying high integrity components for subsea applications to global oil services companies. The Group has embraced the shift to collaborative working and invested in sales and technical capabilities. See pages 30 and 52 of the 2018 Annual Report for examples of how we are working with new and existing customers.

Cylinders is focused on defence, and will benefit from an upturn in the oil and gas sector, with demand for its motion compensation systems on offshore oil platforms anticipated to recover from 2020.

Market drivers

Global demand for oil remains strong at near 100 million barrels per day (mbd), supported by growth from emerging markets. The low oil price environment of recent years has seen large scale investment cuts in oil exploration, resulting in lower oil discoveries. With an oil price above $50, confidence to sanction new projects has returned.

Oil and gas financial statistics

2018 Group revenue

(2017: £10.6m)

2018 percentage of Group revenue