Industrial Gases

Group revenue from the industrial gases market was 6% in 2018. This market is predominantly served by our Cylinders Division but also by Martract, a business within our Precision Machined Components Division.

The market environment

This market crosses multiple sectors, for Chesterfield Special Cylinders (CSC) this is cryogenics and bulk gas transport and storage, as well as scientific research facilities and universities. As disciplines such as cryogenics continue to expand the demand for bespoke, high quality gas containment systems also grows, driven by safety and control requirements. The growth of gas management systems within the education sector is being driven by the expansion of vocational and practical courses nationally and internationally.

Market potential

CSC provides both storage solutions as well as inspection, reconditioning and retest services through its Integrity Management team. The industry has a CAGR of 7.7% and further opportunities for CSC will come from education, nuclear power, gas storage, and scientific research. CSC is renowned across the UK education sector for its ability to meet the highest design and manufacture standards.

Market drivers

The key drivers are the growth of education as a business, increasing knowledge based economies, the ongoing development of the cryogenic industry.

Industrial gases financial statistics

2018 Group revenue

(2017: £1.7m)

2018 percentage of Group revenue