Hydrogen Energy

Group revenue from the hydrogen energy market was £0.7m in 2019. This market is served solely by our Cylinders Division.

Market overview

Growth in the emerging hydrogen energy supply chain is a key area of focus, with two orders for large high-pressure ground storage cylinders secured over the past year for projects in the UK and overseas. With a dedicated hydrogen solutions team and extensive sales pipeline, we are well positioned to secure a strong share of this market as it expands further in the UK and globally.

Market potential

The growth in renewable energy as part of the energy mix is driving the need for gas storage, particularly hydrogen and as the hydrogen market grows so too does the need for gas storage, creating opportunities for CSC in particular with refuelling stations for mass transport. This sector has the potential to become a significant long-term growth opportunity.

Hydrogen Energy financial statistics

2019 Group Revenue


2019 growth