Pressure Technologies plc prides itself on the Group’s reputation for being honest and fair in the way we do business. This reputation has been hard won over many years and would be easily lost if we do not hold to the ethical principles that underline the way we do business. When we use the phrase do or doing business it applies to the way we work with customers, suppliers, governments, fellow employees, shareholders, competitors and our local communities. These principles, which are fundamental to the way we do business, are summarised below:

  • To be honest and open in the way we do business and maintain high standards of integrity.

    We will do business honestly. We will not overpromise and we will be realistic when we give a commitment to do something. Our business processes will be transparent and we will not seek to gain unfair advantage through misrepresentation and deceit. We will maintain high standards of integrity. Honesty, openness and integrity generate trust and trust is fundamental to the success of our business.

    We will honour our contractual commitments.

    We will not steal and we will respect the physical and intellectual property of others.

    We will not make or take bribes and we will ensure that we have robust systems in place across the Group to ensure employees and agents of the Group understand and comply with our legal obligations under the Bribery act. We will not offer or accept gifts except for small, token items neither will we offer or accept excessive business entertaining.

    We will not take part in anti-competitive behaviour.
  • To comply with both the letter and the spirit of the law.

    We are subject to many laws and regulations. We will observe these both to specific wording and the intended spirit of the law or regulation.
  • To operate in a safe and responsible way

    We will maintain strong health and safety systems to ensure that our employees, customers and the public are not in danger of injury from our operations or our products.

    We will comply with all environmental legislation and ensure that we minimise the impact of our operations on the environment.

    We will be good neighbours and ensure that our operations do not adversely impact the communities in which we are located.
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