Chesterfield Special Cylinders

Chesterfield Special Cylinders (CSC), has over a century of industry knowledge and expertise and is a world-leading provider of bespoke, high-pressure gas containment solutions and services. It is one of only five companies globally who can compete for ultra large cylinder contracts.

The need for high pressure gas containment spans several markets and applications, from ultra large air pressure vessel systems used for motion compensation on floating oil rigs, high pressure cylinders on submarines to oxygen cylinders in fighter jets and the bulk storage of gases.

In order to meet the exact needs of its customers it has become an integral part of the design and engineering process for any high-pressure systems project.

In recent years CSC has expanded its activity into Integrity Management services, where cylinders that cannot be removed for routine maintenance are inspected and serviced in-situ. The service is built on an unrivalled knowledge and experience and performed to industry-leading standards.

Chesterfield Special Cylinders Ltd
Meadowhall Road,
S9 1BT
Tel: +44 (0) 114 242 7500

Kelley GTM is a manufacturer of high pressure vessels for high pressure gas transport solutions based in Amarillo, Texas. Founded in 2008, Kelley GTM is part of the Kelley Family of Companies in Texas, a group that has led the speciality gas transportation industry in the United States and globally for over 60 years. The company’s expertise lies in the production of light-weight composite cylinders and the strategy is to develop and expand Kelley GTM’s product range for use in the United States and subsequently further afield.

Pressure Technologies has an indirect holding of 40 per cent in Kelley GTM and had an option to acquire a further 40 per cent in 2015, which it did not take.

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