Hydratron Inc Houston Now Offers Rental Pump Units

Hydratron Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of a rental fleet comprising of high pressure pump units to the portfolio of products now offered from it's Houston office. The fleet covers the entire range of Hydratron liquid pump units from the smaller AZ-1 range up to the large DHDA units. Chris Engel our Technial Sales Executive in Houston commented that the addition of the rental fleet once again shows Hydratron's commitment to supporting it's customer's needs. Offering rental units will result in a myriad of benefits to our customers, ranging from providing pumps to supplement needs in times of high demand, providing an opportunity to "try before you buy" and to having pumps available for immediate shipment when delivery times are critical. Further information can be obtained from Chris who can be contacted by email at Chrise@Hydratron.com or by office phone at +1 832 252 1082.

More information on rental pump units can be found

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