Pressure Technologies recognises that its activities have an impact on the environment. Managing this impact is an integral part of responsible corporate governance and good management practice. The Group has developed environmental policies and the main points are:

  • overall responsibility for the implementation of these policies is the responsibility of the Pressure Technologies Board and the senior management at each Group company;
  • the Group will comply with both the letter and the spirit of relevant environmental regulations. Additionally, the Group will actively participate in industry and governmental environmental consultative processes;
  • the Group will apply the requirements of ISO14001:2004 and implement an effective environmental management system;
  • the Group is committed to the continuous improvement of its environmental management system. Specifically the Group seeks to reduce waste and energy use and prevent pollution;
  • as part of continuous improvement, it is the policy of the Group to establish measurable environmental objectives and communicate these to all employees. These documented objectives will be periodically reviewed as part of the internal audit and management review process. The necessary personnel and financial resources will be provided to meet these objectives; and
  • employees are given such information, training and equipment as is necessary to enable them to undertake their work with the minimum impact on the environment.
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